Brutus & The Great Marshland Rescue

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The second book in the Pit Bull Adventures Children Books Series.  First there was the Brutus and Red the Rooster and now the second book has arrived.  All books are based on actual true events that have occured on the dirt road right and the Palmetto State Park in Mount Pleasant, SC.  All books are signed by Brutus and Pawgraph by Brutus with actual Brutus Paw Stamp.  Books can be customized to signing.


    Children's book series based on true actual events and the book is written to raise money for animal rescue plus to provide a Pitbull positive outlook on this amazing breed.


    All books are shipped with a $3.00 shipping charge (shipping and handling) thoughout the United States of America.  All books are signed by Brutus and stamped with the actual Brutus Paw Print (Paw Approved by Brutus)


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